Thursday, February 26, 2009

You know you're a college student when:

As you're putting the change in the tip jar after buying a mocha you realize that one of the coins was a quarter and that you need that quarter to do you laundry tonight and take the coin back out of the tip jar.


So it snowed, again. I know, I know it's February and in the Northern hemisphere it really isn't that unusual. BUT, this is Seattle. We are in the doughnut hole of Pacific Northwest weather, i.e. everything bad always skips us. Except for this year. This year it has decided to Be Winter. Blah, I miss the rain. When I woke up this morning my brain was like, "The ground is cold, and covered in white stuff."

That was a particularly bad Red vs. Blue reference. If anyone a) knows what that is and b) knows what quote I'm mimicking I will...give you a hypothetical gold star!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All in the family

Bad spelling that is. My grandfather and dad both have issues and apparently so does my sister, observe:

"limers! you saw the limers! I never see the limers, dam im jealous and they're my favorite type too, ringtailed!(i dont think I spellled limers right)"

The word she's looking for is lemurs, these fuzzy guys:

For background my sister is not, as her Facebook comment of my photo makes her appear, in 7th grade but is in fact a junior in high school.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What I just realized

Is that I have the 'politics' folder in my Google reader spelled as 'polotics'. I'm still debating whether or not this should disable me from being able to participate in the political spear*. Although if the US kicked all the dumb ones out of politics we probably wouldn't have too many people left to run the country so I guess I'm good.

*and by political 'spear' I meant 'sphere'. I should probably just take a break from trying to write, apparently my brain does not wish to function correctly (aka, I am to lazy to proofread)

Friday, February 20, 2009

I am on MEDS

Well, antibiotics to be more exact. But MEDS just sounded so much more dramatic. Anyway, the moral of the story is that it is Friday. On Friday you drink. However, apparently antibiotics and alcohol don't mix so well. Which means I can not drink tonight. :(

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So life kind of caught up with me, debated about how it wanted to eat me and then did. Apologizes for not posting anything the past week and a half (wow, it actually has been a while). I've been pretty busy with work (Jimmy Carter came to sigh books), school (I just had to switch one of my classes to credit/no credit) and life (valentines day and three day weekend=did no school work).

In other news:

"The quickest way to get me to sneak out of your party is to suggest we play charades, unless the rules are that you have to take a shot of tequila every time someone yells out, "SOUNDS LIKE?" Then I'll be sleeping on your couch and stealing your Ibuprofen."

Forgoing the first and very last part of that sentence, taking a tequila shot every time someone yells out "sounds like?" sounds like (lol) what I'm going to be convincing the roomies to do Friday night (or maybe tonight). Thanks Dooce!

Also, Pippen's 21 run is on Saturday. I expect to be BOD by ten, give or take a couple of hours towards the noon-ish Saturday side.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

50 De-Stimulating Facts

A list of 50 things considered 'wast full spending' in the new stimulus bill. Because I think we can all agree that sending poor people to college, feeding infants, supporting Medicaid and taxing rich people more will do absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy.

An entertaining read if you're not a Republican.


I just discovered I am behind the times, I know. More importantly I had recently decided that I needed a new pea coat that has more feminine lines. My Grandmother bought my last one and while it is warm and serves it's purpose (and I'm happy I didn't have to pay for it) it also looks like the thing a sailor would wear from the 1800's to stay warm. So you can see that my decision to search for a new coat, especially before I go to LONODN, was quite sound.

This coat, I must have its. It's Michael Kors, charcoal black, $79.99 marked down from $315 and, this is the best part, there's only one left and it's in my size!

So, thoughts? Should I put out the cash? Yay? Nay? You know of a better deal elsewhere?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Irish Flu

The name of my post today and coincidentally what I called in sick to work with. In other news I have just taken the last two ibuprofen in the apartment. This is horrible news for three reasons:

1. There is no more ibuprofen
2. I will need to take more ibuprofen later to combat the Irish Flu
3. Because of the Irish Flu I will not be walking/stumbling to the store to get more ibuprofen

If you don't know what the Irish Flu is just think a little harder, unless of course you're hungover too, then don't think too hard, because I know that hurts.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Because I am bored at work and too lazy to be creative

25 things about me! No, this isn't the 'legit' one in which someone tagged me (although if you read this, consider yourself tagged). But my life had been boring lately and this seemed like a 'get-out-of-jail-free-card' post. So, with out further ado, 25 'things':

1. I used to write fanfiction (ok, ok, I still do sometimes).
2. I will watch any crime scene show marathon, Law and Order, CSI, NCIS etc.
3. I've never gotten a job where the boss isn't a family friend. (No, my family is not involved in the mob)
4. I am adicted to cheeze-its, even thought the white cheddar cheese ones make me sick to my stomach.
5. I read manga.
6. Even though I'm an English major I think it may be one of the most pointless major's ever.
7. I have to use my fingers to add and subtract (possibly why I'm an English major).
8. I'm studying abroad in London next quarter.
9. I have the worst spelling of any of my friends (I blame Microsoft Word)
10. I told my family I'm going to Law School after college to get them off my back about being an English major.
11. I have no idea what I'm doing with myself after college.
12. I love, love love fantasy books.
13. I believe that Harry Potter is real and am still waiting for my delayed enrollment to Hogwarts.
14. I love Battle Star Galactica more than a fat kid loves cake.
15. I love cartoons meant for adolescent boys.
16. I only have one kidney.
17. Top Gun and Apollo 13 are my favorite movies of all time.
18. I seriously considered going to the Naval Academy solely based on watching the above mentioned movies.
19. I wore The One Ring as an accessory during the first half of high school.
20. In an attempt to negate all the dorky stuff, I was the Capitan and MVP of my high school volleyball team.
21. I was going to go to college to play volleyball but after visiting the school hated it and decided to come to UW (my parents are still bitter).
22. I play online pet games(don't judge).
23. If I was shaped like a Victoria's Secret model I would buy all my clothes from them, or J. Crew.
24. I am the JVC Volleyball coach at my former highs school.
25. I hate mustard with a fiery passion.

There! Wasn't that fun? 25 things you didn't need/want to know about moi!

14 Days

14 days until I get my next pay check. This is sad sad news. There is so much I need to buy now! But after using the paycheck I just got to pay off my credit card bills for my last shopping spree (I think I am addicted to Victoria's Secret) there is almost nothing left. *sob*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Because I know the rest of you care about punctuation as much as I do*

"The apostrophe has been outlawed in Birmingham, England—the birthplace of overcrowding as a civic planning strategy. Check out the number of comments below the article.

From now on, no sign produced by Birmingham City Council will contain the punctuation mark.

Debates over whether Kings Norton really should be King’s - or even Kings’ - Norton may rage on, but they will be useless.

And nearby Druids Heath - which was never actually home to one, let alone many, druids - will never take on the possessive, no matter how furious local apostrophe advocates become.

The council said the move had been taken for the purposes of consistency and to avoid costs and confusion over whether place names should ever take an apostrophe.

However the decision was described as “absolute defeatism” by John Richards, the founder of the Apostrophe Protection Society.

Ah, the heroic John Richards: fighting injustice, poverty, and hate. Against punctuation. Brilliant use of time and energy. However, we could use some dangling punctuation banning here in Newfoundland. If I see one more sign that reads something like

For sale: organic “eggs”

I think I’ll freak out. I actually said to someone, “Dude, if they need to be in quotes, they’re probably not organic. Or eggs.”"

What will they do without the comma!? This made me immeasurably sad but also made me LOL. Also, There is an 'Apostrophe Protection Society'? I will have to check this out and get back to you ever concerned grammarians(which I had to use spell check to get correct, shame).

And yes, check out some of the comments below the article:

"They're really not that difficult, y'know -- apostrophes. I taught it all from the ground up to my criminal barrister husband -- no one had ever bothered before. He's a happier man. Where is this online petition, by the way?" - Well, if her husband can do it, then we all can!

"I'm sure that I could easily waste tax payers money far more efficiently. Perhaps they might like to slip me a few bob so that I can chuck it into my daughters Saving's Account. Shes a lovely kid, but has no concept of managing her expense's. It seem's that her private education has been was'ted. Sign's, pah! Who care's?" -This man and George Bush could be friends, really.

"Oh dear Mr Mullaney. It is fitting that Birmingham Council and its illiterates lead the way in buggering up the written word. They have already debased the spoken word by way of their appalling accent!" -This just seemed so British I couldn't resist.

There were 232 comments when I found these, check it!

*please excuse all punctuation and grammar errors I may have made

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Extended Weekend

Thursday- Didn't go to class. Got home from work at six and start pre-funking. Dropped by a goodbye party for the most beautiful man to ever grace the University of Washington. Took two goodbye shoots in five minutes. Was extremely suprised to find out it was only 8:30 and that I was smashed. The Boyfriend and I decided not to drink this much ever agian (haha) at 10 when we had to take turns going and 'pulling the trigger'.

Friday-Didn't go to class. Dog sat the cutest dog ever who decided it would be a good idea to pee on roomate #4's comforter. Pissed off roomate #4, fled to work. Got home from work at nine and watched three hours of The Shield with The Boyfriend. Attempted to go to sleep but Alan was playing NBA live so decided to go back to my own bed. Discovered that roomate #4's boyfriend was over. Went back to The Boyfriend's to sleep.

Saturday- Dragged all laundry home to my parents because I'm too cheap to use the pay ones in my apartment. Actually did some of my English homework. Tried not to fall asleep while helping my mom make dinner. Went to The Boyfriends and watched Back to the Future. Attemted to go to bed early but got conned into a game of 90's trivial pursuit, boys versus girls. Trivial pursuit is byiast to the male gender. Alan tricked friend into calling The White House smashed ("The White House?" pause "This is Bob Barker). Went back to apartment to sleep.

Sunday-Slept in. Made Superbowl goodies with Pipen and McGee to take to guy friends house. Discovered that bbq drumsticks are cheap and tasty. Ate and drank a lot. Stumbled back to The Boyfriends after the Superbowl and watched Puppy Bowl V for two hours. Attempt to go to own apartment only to be informed by Pipen that Roomate #4's boyfirend is over. Watch another episode of The Shield with The Boyfriend. Even though it's a 'To Be Continued' episode are too tired to bother watching the next. Go home, put in earplugs, and fall asleep.