Monday, February 2, 2009

My Extended Weekend

Thursday- Didn't go to class. Got home from work at six and start pre-funking. Dropped by a goodbye party for the most beautiful man to ever grace the University of Washington. Took two goodbye shoots in five minutes. Was extremely suprised to find out it was only 8:30 and that I was smashed. The Boyfriend and I decided not to drink this much ever agian (haha) at 10 when we had to take turns going and 'pulling the trigger'.

Friday-Didn't go to class. Dog sat the cutest dog ever who decided it would be a good idea to pee on roomate #4's comforter. Pissed off roomate #4, fled to work. Got home from work at nine and watched three hours of The Shield with The Boyfriend. Attempted to go to sleep but Alan was playing NBA live so decided to go back to my own bed. Discovered that roomate #4's boyfriend was over. Went back to The Boyfriend's to sleep.

Saturday- Dragged all laundry home to my parents because I'm too cheap to use the pay ones in my apartment. Actually did some of my English homework. Tried not to fall asleep while helping my mom make dinner. Went to The Boyfriends and watched Back to the Future. Attemted to go to bed early but got conned into a game of 90's trivial pursuit, boys versus girls. Trivial pursuit is byiast to the male gender. Alan tricked friend into calling The White House smashed ("The White House?" pause "This is Bob Barker). Went back to apartment to sleep.

Sunday-Slept in. Made Superbowl goodies with Pipen and McGee to take to guy friends house. Discovered that bbq drumsticks are cheap and tasty. Ate and drank a lot. Stumbled back to The Boyfriends after the Superbowl and watched Puppy Bowl V for two hours. Attempt to go to own apartment only to be informed by Pipen that Roomate #4's boyfirend is over. Watch another episode of The Shield with The Boyfriend. Even though it's a 'To Be Continued' episode are too tired to bother watching the next. Go home, put in earplugs, and fall asleep.


Greta said...

Well, Ms. selena. It appears you haven't been going to class lately.

Lol. At first I thought you wrote pre-fucking. And I was so wondering what this entails.

One more question, does "pulling the trigger" mean pooping? Lol. My bf like to yell 'chori poyo' from the bathroom, just to let me know what's going on in there. Totally hot.

Selena said...

lol, no. 'pulling the trigger' is what us cool kids use as code for throwing up.