Friday, February 6, 2009

Because I am bored at work and too lazy to be creative

25 things about me! No, this isn't the 'legit' one in which someone tagged me (although if you read this, consider yourself tagged). But my life had been boring lately and this seemed like a 'get-out-of-jail-free-card' post. So, with out further ado, 25 'things':

1. I used to write fanfiction (ok, ok, I still do sometimes).
2. I will watch any crime scene show marathon, Law and Order, CSI, NCIS etc.
3. I've never gotten a job where the boss isn't a family friend. (No, my family is not involved in the mob)
4. I am adicted to cheeze-its, even thought the white cheddar cheese ones make me sick to my stomach.
5. I read manga.
6. Even though I'm an English major I think it may be one of the most pointless major's ever.
7. I have to use my fingers to add and subtract (possibly why I'm an English major).
8. I'm studying abroad in London next quarter.
9. I have the worst spelling of any of my friends (I blame Microsoft Word)
10. I told my family I'm going to Law School after college to get them off my back about being an English major.
11. I have no idea what I'm doing with myself after college.
12. I love, love love fantasy books.
13. I believe that Harry Potter is real and am still waiting for my delayed enrollment to Hogwarts.
14. I love Battle Star Galactica more than a fat kid loves cake.
15. I love cartoons meant for adolescent boys.
16. I only have one kidney.
17. Top Gun and Apollo 13 are my favorite movies of all time.
18. I seriously considered going to the Naval Academy solely based on watching the above mentioned movies.
19. I wore The One Ring as an accessory during the first half of high school.
20. In an attempt to negate all the dorky stuff, I was the Capitan and MVP of my high school volleyball team.
21. I was going to go to college to play volleyball but after visiting the school hated it and decided to come to UW (my parents are still bitter).
22. I play online pet games(don't judge).
23. If I was shaped like a Victoria's Secret model I would buy all my clothes from them, or J. Crew.
24. I am the JVC Volleyball coach at my former highs school.
25. I hate mustard with a fiery passion.

There! Wasn't that fun? 25 things you didn't need/want to know about moi!


Greta said...

Like webkinz??

Jay said...

I'm usually never impressed with these "25 things" posts, but I'll admit you got me this time with the sheer geekery of it all. What kind of fanfiction? An erotic Harry Potter/CSI crossover? And did you lose that kidney in an act of selflessness, or to someone who left you in a seedy motel bathtub full of ice?

Selena said...

I actually had to google webkinz to find out what it was. Think more along the lines of neopets. Don't worry, I'm aware of how cool I am. The kidney was lost due to some sort of urinary track complication when I was 5.