Wednesday, July 30, 2008


CSI IS IN MY APARTMENT BUILDING!! Well, not my apartment, apartment, but in my complex. The Seattle Police Department, decked out in their 'we're busting in' clothes, definitely just raided the apartment down one floor from us. They actually BUSTED DOWN THE DOOR! My roomie saw the hole in the door on her way to class. Now CSI is here doing there CSI thing: bagging stuff up and ransacking the apartment (I glanced when I walked by the open door on the way to my unit). Yes, the CSI people do strangely resemble Grissim. No, Warrick was not reborn into the SPD when he died on CSI, mores the pity. Unsurprisingly the apartment they busted was the one that always reeks of pot, still EXCITING however! I'm going to be hyped up for at least the next 24 hours.

New Blog

Credit to I *heart* You for sending me this direction, I think I have a new favorite blog. Tavi of Fashion Rookie is a 12 year old with more fashion sense then I ever had or think I will ever have. Even more than her wonderful style I love her writing; sassy, snarky and funny. It makes me smile. Her blog also, however, makes me think back to what I was doing with my life when I was twelve...playing ridiculous amounts of premier league soccer and dressing in Old Navy fashion (okay, okay, and Fred Myer, you caught me). In other words, my dressing style was nothing to write home about.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Day

"In her spare time, Milly liked to molest inanimate objects."

Some day I am going to write a story that starts with that sentence.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank you D-listed!

Because this made me laugh so hard my co-workers had to stop what they where doing to ask if I was alright. Ever wonder why Seattle-ites drink so much coffee?

Lazy Bitches of the Day

No, I shouldn't be reading blogs at work.

Well then, where did my taxes go???

I'm interning with Social Security over the summer and today was picture day! A.k.a get your ID picture taken day. Fairly simple procedure: sit in front of the camera, wait while they enter your Social Security Number into the computer, take the picture and voila, ID card. One small glitch for me however as my Social Security Number is not in the system. I have been paying taxes for two years now...where, or I guess more accurately, who, got credit for that? If the IRS comes after me I'm blaming my semi-dyslexic tendencies. And The Man. Apparently when I thought I was writing down my number wrong on all those forms it wasn't just a funny feeling in the back of my head, I really WAS writing it down wrong.

My SSN isn't in the system, my credit card gets stolen/lost...coincidence? Probably.

EDIT: OMG, my SSN is correct but I'm not in the system. I'm hoping that sounds worse then it actually is.

Monday, July 21, 2008

You Learn Something New Everyday

This weekend I learned that while I don't suck at golf as much as I thought I would I still pretty much blow at it. After almost killing someone with an arrant chipped ball and breaking my mom's nine iron (I'm just good at these things) I decided to call it quites. I will never make fun of professional golfers again. Getting the ball in the hole is a lot harder than it looks.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Nordstrom's Anniversery Sale and KARMA

Today at 7AM I, along with hundreds of other shopping obsessed Seattle-ites, burst into Nordstrom's Flagship store hoping to be the first to paw through the Anniversary Sale merchandise. While I admit to being shell shocked at the sheer mass of speed walking shoppers for the first ten minutes, I soon snapped out of it and proceeded up the escalators. Quickly and efficiently (if I do say so myself) I spent one hundred and thirty nine dollars on the pair of jeans, two shirts and a North Face zip up that was at least fifty percent off. Yes I put back many other items(one jacket I may go back for), no I do not feel guilty. I then proceeded down to SHOES where I practiced unheard of self restraint, only buying one pair. Steve Madden black flats with buckles on the fronts. I've been looking for a pair of black flats for about a year so this one was guilt free. All of these wonderful purchases I owe to my dear friend Visa who fronted me the cash for my shopping spree. All totaled I manged to spend about two hundred dollars in an hour. Go me and my credit card!

Two hours later:

After arriving at work and actually doing something for two hours I decided it was time for a coffee break. Arriving at Starbucks I opened my wallet for my debit card only to realize that my credit card was not there! When several minutes of searching proved futile I gave the card up as lost. Was my bank account trying to tell me something? ("Selena, we don't HAVE two hundred dollars to spend on clothes," or "Selena, you CAN NOT under ANY circumstances spend more money at Nordstom's this weekend. I simply can't handle it.") A few choice words later I returned to the office with much needed coffee and called the bank. Get this, someone (arsehole!) had already used my card to pay for downtown Seattle parking. Damn if this person isn't Speedy Gonzalez! Although I personally would have spent more at Norde's... I'm glad I noticed my card was missing when I did: now when they use my card again it will be BLOCKED! HA!

What am I most upset about? I can't in good faith go back to Nordstrom's this afternoon and spend more money. Although in the grand scheme of things this is probably for the best. Karma, you suck.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Smoothie Day!

Starbucks I remember why I love you. And this is besides the fact that you provide me with my chosen narcotic. Today you gave me a coupon for a free smoothie when I went in to get my daily dosing of drugs (grande iced coffee, no sweetener and room). But you have left me with a hard decision: Banana Chocolate or Orange Mango Banana? The coupon's good until September so luckily I have a while to decide.

EDIT: The Banana Chocolate was delicious!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Le Sigh

There where obnoxious teenagers sitting on the steps next to Whole Foods today at lunch. Taking up outrageous amounts of room, talking in overly loud voices that did nothing to disguise the fact that they where talking bad about Whole Foods before ultimately decided that non-organic was better for you. o_0 I fear for the world in the future, i really do. But most importantly;

They interrupted my lunch sun basking!

This is sad for two reasons:

1. I was technically a teenager less than a year ago, although these kids must have been about high-school age. Please let me and my friends never have been that oblivious to the courtesy of those around us (unfortunately sadly untrue).

2. Obnoxious and loud= no sunny zen moments over lunch. This is especially because of the one scrawny boy who seemed to have no control over his volume, "how did this thing of fruit cost seven dollars!? It would cost less to buy the fruit myself, this is ridiculous! There is obviously a disconnect somewhere!" *sigh* Yes, fruit is less expensive if you buy it separately, that's why most people buy it that way.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

While I should be working...

This The Economist cover picture made me laugh. I saw it in Borders yesterday and then stalked it down on the Internet. The picture's not as clear as I would like but Google has failed me for once (le gasp) and I had to get the image from The Economist website.
Some of my personal favorite quotes off the cover:
UN: "For famine, press one. For epidemics, press two. For small wars, press three. For regime change, TRY AGAIN LATER."
EU: "That's Irish for YES!"
UN: "My veto is bigger than your veto."

Men in Uniform

Somewhere in my building is some sort of US Military, Naval or Air Force office, I'm not sure which. They (tall, hot men in dress uniform) took me by surprise as I turned the corner to the elevator bay . I was too busy stuffing the last crumbles of blueberry scone and looking dumbfounded (drooling) to register the division of the armed forces. I did, however, mange to mumble out a 'sorry' through scone crumbs as I almost ran into them. Point me for not spilling my latte everywhere.

Yes, I totally had blueberry scone all over my face. Does this really surprise anyone?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coffee Culture

I love coffee as much as the next Seattle-ite, possible more. I'm not terribly picky; milk+coffee=love as far as I'm concerned (although throwing chocolate into the mix never hurt anyone). But some of these people, well, I'm embarrassed to say we share the same passion for coffee. The closest coffee shop to my office is a Starbucks (big surprise) that is built into the ground floor of another office building about two blocks away. The baristas are friendly and seem to know the regular customers by name. Again, nothing wrong with this picture. However, when orders start to include extreme specificity in latte temperatures, Huston, we have a problem.

"I'd like that 144.8 degrees, right on the nose." Um, if I was the barista I would have already thought up at least 144.8 different ways to get ride of this person.

"Remember George, I want it half and half." Lady, even decaf still has caffeine in it. Don't be a pussy, just get it regular.

"I've got the sprinkles ready!" As of yet, I've noticed no discernible difference to beverages with assorted chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon sprinkles on top. Okay so they look pretty, I guess I can give her some credit for that.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh Seattle

I decide I'm going to go to the beach over the weekend for the fourth and what do you do? Rolling thunderstorms all through last night and this morning. Outlook for the next two days: chance of showers. In Seattle speak that means it is going to be yet another rainy Fourth of July.

The lightning and thunder was pretty sweet though, but if the sun could come out now that would be great.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Book I'm Reading,

Key to Conflict, by Talia Gryphon (which as a side note is an obvious pen name) has used a term I've never herd before. The description of an attractive male reads as such, "heart stopping, pantie-liquefying, divinely perfect"


I can not believe that someone made up this adjective.

Yes, I am reading smut. No, it was not from the romance section it was in science/fiction fantasy. Yes, I'm still reading the...novel.

Don't judge.

So It's Been A Little While

Finals and adjusting to a new 9-5 job has kept me pretty busy, I miss my blogs! The new job is great, I'm working for Social Security over the summer, and pays well but...the women in the cubicle next to me listens to smooth jazz on her radio,