Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Well then, where did my taxes go???

I'm interning with Social Security over the summer and today was picture day! A.k.a get your ID picture taken day. Fairly simple procedure: sit in front of the camera, wait while they enter your Social Security Number into the computer, take the picture and voila, ID card. One small glitch for me however as my Social Security Number is not in the system. I have been paying taxes for two years now...where, or I guess more accurately, who, got credit for that? If the IRS comes after me I'm blaming my semi-dyslexic tendencies. And The Man. Apparently when I thought I was writing down my number wrong on all those forms it wasn't just a funny feeling in the back of my head, I really WAS writing it down wrong.

My SSN isn't in the system, my credit card gets stolen/lost...coincidence? Probably.

EDIT: OMG, my SSN is correct but I'm not in the system. I'm hoping that sounds worse then it actually is.

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