Monday, July 14, 2008

Le Sigh

There where obnoxious teenagers sitting on the steps next to Whole Foods today at lunch. Taking up outrageous amounts of room, talking in overly loud voices that did nothing to disguise the fact that they where talking bad about Whole Foods before ultimately decided that non-organic was better for you. o_0 I fear for the world in the future, i really do. But most importantly;

They interrupted my lunch sun basking!

This is sad for two reasons:

1. I was technically a teenager less than a year ago, although these kids must have been about high-school age. Please let me and my friends never have been that oblivious to the courtesy of those around us (unfortunately sadly untrue).

2. Obnoxious and loud= no sunny zen moments over lunch. This is especially because of the one scrawny boy who seemed to have no control over his volume, "how did this thing of fruit cost seven dollars!? It would cost less to buy the fruit myself, this is ridiculous! There is obviously a disconnect somewhere!" *sigh* Yes, fruit is less expensive if you buy it separately, that's why most people buy it that way.

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