Friday, July 18, 2008

Nordstrom's Anniversery Sale and KARMA

Today at 7AM I, along with hundreds of other shopping obsessed Seattle-ites, burst into Nordstrom's Flagship store hoping to be the first to paw through the Anniversary Sale merchandise. While I admit to being shell shocked at the sheer mass of speed walking shoppers for the first ten minutes, I soon snapped out of it and proceeded up the escalators. Quickly and efficiently (if I do say so myself) I spent one hundred and thirty nine dollars on the pair of jeans, two shirts and a North Face zip up that was at least fifty percent off. Yes I put back many other items(one jacket I may go back for), no I do not feel guilty. I then proceeded down to SHOES where I practiced unheard of self restraint, only buying one pair. Steve Madden black flats with buckles on the fronts. I've been looking for a pair of black flats for about a year so this one was guilt free. All of these wonderful purchases I owe to my dear friend Visa who fronted me the cash for my shopping spree. All totaled I manged to spend about two hundred dollars in an hour. Go me and my credit card!

Two hours later:

After arriving at work and actually doing something for two hours I decided it was time for a coffee break. Arriving at Starbucks I opened my wallet for my debit card only to realize that my credit card was not there! When several minutes of searching proved futile I gave the card up as lost. Was my bank account trying to tell me something? ("Selena, we don't HAVE two hundred dollars to spend on clothes," or "Selena, you CAN NOT under ANY circumstances spend more money at Nordstom's this weekend. I simply can't handle it.") A few choice words later I returned to the office with much needed coffee and called the bank. Get this, someone (arsehole!) had already used my card to pay for downtown Seattle parking. Damn if this person isn't Speedy Gonzalez! Although I personally would have spent more at Norde's... I'm glad I noticed my card was missing when I did: now when they use my card again it will be BLOCKED! HA!

What am I most upset about? I can't in good faith go back to Nordstrom's this afternoon and spend more money. Although in the grand scheme of things this is probably for the best. Karma, you suck.

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