Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What I just realized

Is that I have the 'politics' folder in my Google reader spelled as 'polotics'. I'm still debating whether or not this should disable me from being able to participate in the political spear*. Although if the US kicked all the dumb ones out of politics we probably wouldn't have too many people left to run the country so I guess I'm good.

*and by political 'spear' I meant 'sphere'. I should probably just take a break from trying to write, apparently my brain does not wish to function correctly (aka, I am to lazy to proofread)


Greta said...

What's the political spear?

Greta said...

Oh! Lol. I thought it was another one of your Selena-slangs...like when you and your man took turns 'pulling the trigger.'