Thursday, January 15, 2009

Safety Fail

Last nights me and two of my roommates (from here forth known as Drunky McGee and Scottie Pippen, which is another story entirely) managed to get locked out of our apartment. This was an unusual occurrence as we never lock our door. Which beside being the safest most bestest way to live in the U district, allows all of us to not have to worry about loosing our keys when we drink. If you take that statement to mean we drink quite often, well, I won't deny your assumption.

Anyway, on to the story.

While we were all in the apartment below ours last night (not drinking), our fourth roommate (I guess she thought we were all asleep...) locked the door on the way to her night shift. This resulted in much wailing by me, Scottie Pippen, and Drunky McGee and much laughing by The Boyfriend and Alan (yes, the same Alan). Luckily for us and all the would be burglars in the U district it is painfully easy to break into our apartment. Roommate number four's window doesn't lock and through a delicate process of swearing and pushing me and Drunky McGee managed to get the window open. McGee then managed to haul herself through the window which, because it is situated above a staircase, was an interesting process. Imagine an adolescent kangaroo attempting to hop through a small-ish rectangle, urged on by enthusiastic waving. Odd, but successful.

This story has a happy ending. Instead of sleeping on couches in a house that all boys live in (beds were offered, we declined) we all got to sleep in our nice warm beds. The moral here is probably that we should all bring our keys with us and lock the door. But as keys are cumbersome things that manage to get lost easily, this change most likely won't take place.

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Greta said...

It is moments like this that make us really appretiate all the things our beds do for us.