Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bone Crossed!

The next book in Patricia Briggs, Mercy Thompson series comes out next month! This series is what I refer to as my 'trash literature'. You don't get any 'literary points' for reading it but the story sucks you in and you can't put down the book for three hours while you put off all you impending homework and power read through it. In other words, if you need to get out of town for a while put can't afford a real vacation I would suggest picking up the first book in this series, Moon Called. If you like werewolves, vampires, magic and urban fantasy you'll love it.

1 comment:

Jay said...

I find the cover of that book simultaneously arousing and frightening. Something about chicks with swords I guess; it always starts off sexy, then... slice! No shank you.