Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Best Thing EVAH!

The blog Feather (found via The Lil Bee) is probably the best thing to happen to my fashion taste/wardrobe in forever. Everyday Feather whips up an outfit for the weather that day. Partly cloudy, 38 degrees? Is it a crisp, sunny 31? No problem! Feather has you covered, literally, in cute, chic (and, le sigh, expensive) designs. I mean, how cute are these outfits?

Yes, this is where I found the boots I posted about below. I am not cool enough to actually go out and look for something like that on my own. This is what I have Google reader and the internet for.

1 comment:

the sassy kathy said...

don't you love this idea!? so cute. i LOVE that gray sleeveless top in the first pic. droolworthy!