Sunday, January 11, 2009

I killed someone last night.

Almost. Almost killed someone.

There's not exactly an excess of personal space in college. Rooms are small and landlords cram as many people as possible into a single space. However, when one of your guy friends has their door closed and you know their girlfriend is over it's possible that you shouldn't barge into his room. Maybe. My friend Alan had the pleasure of doing just this last night. The episode went something like this:

Alan: shocked expression
Alan: quickly closes door and runs
Me: alternate between telling the boyfriend he needs a lock and that he too is dead if he opens the door before all my clothes are on all the while muttering about Alan's death under my breath.
Boyfriend: "Just stay hear I'll talk to him." Leaves room and comes back to inform me that Alan has left the property.
Me: "as he should have because I'm going to KILL HIM!"
Boyfriend: While walking me back to my apartment (smart man) we see Alan where I promptly and loudly inform the whole University district that he is a DEAD MAN WALKING!

Anyway, Boyfriend talked to Alan (who in his defense was quite trashed) who promptly came to apologize to me. I'd like to plead temporary insanity for the ten minutes I went on a screaming rampage, I think I scared/shocked all my friends with the outburst (albeit warranted). Usually when I'm angry it's more of a calm and collected type, I don't yell or make a scene. When Alan accidentally barged in last night 'Made A Scene' would be a more than appropriate way to describe my response. All in all as I said to the boyfriend last night "Alan is my bitch for the next three to six months." I've mostly forgiven him.

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Greta said...

I bet you made Alan's day. Month.