Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There's alway one

In every class, there's always the one kid who needs to prove that he/she knows more/is better than everyone else. Why, I don't know. But there is always one.

In my Japanese section this person express their superior language skills by responding about half a second faster than the rest of the class. This means that when the teacher asks the whole class to respond there is one voice that is one word ahead. So if the teacher asked the class to say, "What was the weather like this weekend?" The answer, already jumbled because of the foreign language, becomes a mass of mumbo jumbo. For me, this means I can't tell if I'm actually responding correctly because this person also always assumes they are correct and makes sure to let the class know by speaking at a higher volume than everyone else.

So this post is for you Mr. I'm-better-at-Japanese-than-my-peers-and-need-to-show-this-by-being-an-ass, thanks for making a difficult language even harder.

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