Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yes, I am at work.

Dear Store customers,

Please stop coming in today. It is snowing, and if you stop shopping I will be able to go home early. As a bonus, if you stop coming in now, I will even be able to get a ride home. From my boss, but still, in a warm, dry car. Also, going home early would be a great early Christmas present for me. I know you are all shopping for your loved ones (presumably) but if you could do this one thing for me it would be much appreciated. Seriously people it's dark, cold, and snowing outside. Go home, so I can too.


An employee who shouldn't complain about her job because it allows her to surf the internet for her entire shift.

P.S. Seriously. If you don't clear out by five I may be stuck in the U-district, which would usually be fine, but all of my stuff (read:glasses) are at my parents house and my apt here is frakking cold.

P.P.S Thank god, we are closing at 5:30 and I will still have a ride.

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