Friday, December 19, 2008

Grade update

Arthurian Literatate: 3.9
History of India and Pakistan from 1500: 3.9
Japanese: 2.5 (woops...)

Not too shabby overall. Thankfully my 3.9s averaged out the 2.5 so my quarter GPA is a 3.43. .07 away from the deans list. There may have been tears. On the upside my overall GPA is 3.3 so I can apply for the English Honors college. Definitely my bad on the 2.5 (Japanese) for not going to class as often as I should. Admittedly my History grade is too high. The proff. had one of my essay grades down as a 90%, it should have been 79%. I did ace the final though, 99%! I guess you could say I'm being dishonest by not alerting the proff. to the grade discrepancy, but really, what would you do?

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