Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Airlins Plans 15$ Bag Fee

This is just plain ridiculous. We already pay too much for airline tickets; they charge for movie viewing and for food. If I buy an airplane ticket it's because I'm traveling somewhere that I need to bring a bag with me, charging for a given part of air travel just seems stupid. Who goes on a trip with out packing a suitcase? Fifteen dollars really isn't that much, but it shouldn't have to be paid in the first place. Bag check has always been included in ticket price and rightly so, up the ticket price if you have to, but this is just insulting. So your company is in trouble, find some other way to bring in revenue like working on customer service. Not charging 15$ to check my luggage and guaranteeing that I will try my best to never fly American Air again.

Link to the New York Times article on the subject.

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