Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mais, oui!

If ever asked by a beautiful black man, "do you speak French?" The correct answer is always:

"Yes, I mean oui. Un petite amount." Because this totally demonstrates your grasp of the french language.

Me and Pippen spent about an hour last night with two French men attempting to find an exclusive European bar on the ave. There was most definitely a language barrier as the only French I could manage to remember consisted of yes, no and I understand. Very help full when giving directions. We did however get 'un invite' to their 'magnifizent show' at Meanie Hall. As in, their French Ballet show.

We met hot French Ballet men.

Or as Pippen has taken to calling them 'Monsieur Hot French'. However the tickets for the ballet are 38$, merde.


amap22 said...

ah yes m. hot french how i love thee.

best nuit ever!

Jay said...

French ballet dancers. Yeah, I'm sure they're TOTALLY into girls.

Jaime & Andy said...

What is this exclusive European place on the ave?