Tuesday, March 3, 2009


That's Black Out Drunk for those of you not in the know and how I spent the later part of my birthday. I also apparently got stopped by three police cruzers on my way back from the bars, all of which laughed at me when my friends said it was just my 21st birthday and that they where trying to get me home, made my boyfriend go back into the bar to look for my shoes (they where on my feet), threw up on a sorority (they deserved it), and crawled around my apartment with no pants on (no worries, I was wearing cute underwear). I also sent these illustrious texts:

"U blow asiso cock" you blow asian cock
"Did you jew out" to my jewish friend
"it's my biqthday and i wishu where here!!!" It's my birthday and I wish you where here
"Ian drunk!iso wirh you wierehere!!!" I am drunk. I so wish you where here!
"Let me know when znur nutsidge" Let me know when you're outside.

I was told I had a great time.

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Jay said...

Haha. "U blow asiso cock" Awesome.