Friday, March 13, 2009

Google horoscope is So True

I took a break from studying to bring you this important news(your/you=me):

"Although there's a lot going on in your life now, you might just want to coast through the day. Of course you will need to do a certain amount of work to get by, but you intuitively know that it makes more sense to conserve your energy today than to expend it. More will be required of you when active Mars enters your sign over the weekend. Next week will be a whole new ballgame, so you might as well rest up until then."

So true! The class that I am taking pass/fail has its final tomorrow, so I'm not putting in quite as much effort as I might have otherwise. And with finals week next week will be 'a whole new ballgame', what with my last two finals and PACKING *sob* for my trip to LONDON for which I leave on SUNDAY!

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Greta said...

That is a most excellent horoscope.