Monday, June 16, 2008

They Said Angst!

Despite Ireland rejecting the Lisbon Treaty the euro rose against the dollar, again I might add, today. I am truly happy that the treaty not being ratified didn't effect Europe's currency, but what makes me even happier is this quote from the NYT:

"But the angst has not spilled into the currency markets, where the euro — perhaps the most tangible symbol of European unity — rose against the dollar Monday, the first full day of trading since the results of the Irish vote were announced."

Are reputable newspapers allowed to use that word? Because when I see the word angst I definitely think of Harry Potter Puppet Pals (Which on another note, go to youtube and search for immediately). "Angst, angst, angst," Harry continually slams head against wall. It's funny,'s out, I can connect the world political economy with Harry Potter if I want!

New York Times article here.

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