Saturday, April 5, 2008


I work as a Concierge (glorified word for someone who answers question and the phone) at a bookstore. Usually the questions are all quite uniform, "where is the bathroom?", "When do you close?" Today a kid that looked about ten asked me this;

Kid: "Where are the trigoeconomics books?" At least, that's the word I heard.

Me: blank stare, what kind of gibberish are kids speaking these days?

Kid: "In the math section?"

Me: ooooh, it's a math thing, "The math books are in the back." What the hell is trigoeconmics? And why is a 10 year old asking about it?


Oberon said...


raihan said... nowadays are sometimes weird. But actually, this is my 1st time to hear 'trigoeconomics'...If it's right, now i got a new vocab :)

You got a nice poem too; i.e. "Dedicated to you"..