Sunday, April 6, 2008

I am

a bad ASS. Yes that's correct, my unofficial volleyball officiating arse got yelled down by another coach today when I reffed her game, and I took the initiative to stick it to 'em. Misses pissy coach is yelling at her floor captain to yell at me that my call was wrong, and the only reason she's so upset is because it's the game point. But you weren't going to win anyway bitch, so give it up already. Anyway, I have to come down off my pedestal (Read: reffing stand) and talk to my down ref, and my line judges, and I'm like, "I made my call, I'm sticking with it," and Ms. Pissy gets, well, pissed. But I'm like "nuh uh, this game is over, we're ending this!" So I go back to my pedestal, clime up the four steps, blow my whistle, and end the game. Perhaps I lied to the official ref on duty when he asked me to explain why I made the specific call I did; because I'm going to share a secret, I made the call for the completely and utterly wrong reasons. I probably should never have made it in the first place but the only thing worse a ref can do then making a bad call is going back on that bad call. Making a bad reffing call makes one entire team (and their parents) pissed at you, taking back your bad reffing call makes BOTH teams (and their parents) mad at you. So I made my horrible politically incorrect call and stuck with it. I am a bad ass. And here's the best part, I didn't break down in tears as per my usual copping mechanism! I am MADE of WIN

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