Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have just re-discovered...myself. And reading...myself, made me laugh, so I've decided to continue blogging. At least on sporadic days when the mood strikes me or I have too much free time at work. While not mutually exclusive these things do generally coincide. Also, my spelling when not writing frequently goes straight to the toilet. Observe my spelling grievances at quiz night Monday:

"Selena, there's no E on the end of point."

"Selena, did you just spell fear, f-e-r-e??".

Er, yes? You still got the word out so that works, right? So in an effort to not revert to second grade, a place in my life when I was the only one who could decipher my writing, I am going to write every day. At least a little bit. And you, my readers (of which there are very few or none) can bear (of which I do not mean the fuzzy kind, but the kind in which you grudgingly stick with me except I can't remember how to spell the word) with me on the spelling and grammar.


amap22 said...

yay yay yay!

Meg said...

amanda turned me on to this little secret of yours! I will be a follower!