Thursday, November 11, 2010


Best. News. Ever.


Until March 4th the BSG exhibition will be at Seattle's, Experience Music Project!!!!! They have a full size Viper Mark 7 AND Mark 5 AND a Cylon raider. Will Jaime Barber be there in person...well, no. And mores the pity. BUT, they will have enough pure Battlestar goodness to sustain my geeky self for a good long while. Perhaps this will shed light on the so-horrible-I'm-Just going-to-pretend-it-didn't-happen-ending??? Also, I defiantly thought that tickets to EMP were a lot more than FIFTEEN DOLLARS! Fifteen dollars to see my beloved BSG in the flesh? Frak, Frak YES!!
I will now proceed to re-watch the entire series in preparation for my visit. No comments are needed on how cool this makes me.

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Meg said...

I just finished it all last night. I am already having withdrawals.